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Crosswind Paddle Company is excited to announce The Crosswind Foundation - a non-profit charity organization founded in 2022 by Margaret Sheehan.

The Crosswind Foundation's mission is to provide access to Virginia's waterways to
underprivileged youth through the passion of paddle sports. Through the teaching of stand-up paddle boarding fundamentals, sportsmanship, and water safety, we hope to develop in these children an understanding and mindfulness of waterway recreation, good stewardship and conservation of the James River System.

Richmond, VA has a thriving paddle sports community on the accessible James River which runs through the city, however entry into these activities appears to be underserved and underrepresented by inner city youth. The Crosswind Foundation will secure grants and private donations for the acquisition of stand-up paddleboards and related equipment to teach inner city youth the fundamentals of the sport of stand-up paddle boarding, including water safety, sportsmanship, and waterway conservation and stewardship of the James River System, our local natural riverway. Participants will be encouraged to demonstrate their skill level and confidence during an annual charity race event. We look to partner with local schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses to maximize the amount of local exposure and interest to our cause

about the foundation and how you can get involved!

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